Career coach, Dr Jonathan Moy, provides career guidance and careers advice to individuals aged 16 to 60 yrs old, and can assist you to obtain greater satisfaction and fulfilment with your career by identifying and developing pathways aligning with your values, skills and personality.

As an Auckland based career change consultant and counsellor he provides the highest standard of excellence and professionalism backed by years of experience in clinical practice and real-life work in various sectors.

career coach
Are you confused about career direction?
Career direction planning helps you determine the factors important to you in work/life, pinpoints options matching your requirements, assists you in making a good career decision and develops an action plan to get you to your goal. When you are at a crossroads in your career and are confused by your options (or can’t see any options), a professional careers advisor can provide mentorship and guidance to provide greater clarity during this period of change and transition.

career counselling
Do you need help dealing with job stress?
Career counselling services assist you to work through and develop solutions to difficult situations in your current career or workplace. Discussing a work issue or decision through with an objective non-judgmental career counsellor can help you understand the key issues, the impact on your career and relationships, the pros/cons of various options and provide strategies to resolve the issue.

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Do you need help looking for a new job?
Job-search optimisation, C.V. development and Interview-skill training with a careers coach can help improve your chances of getting an interview and maximise your interview success. In the modern labour market, finding and building job opportunities has to go beyond agencies and search engines. There are techniques and strategies that can you can use to assist you identify potential employers, market yourself and proactively develop opportunities. Of course, a hard-hitting C.V. is critically important to be noticed when competing against dozens or hundreds of other applicants, and good interview skills will show you at your best.