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The dinosaur question

A recent phenomena in recruitment interviews, apparently first started up by Steve Jobs who would who sometimes start prancing around like a chicken to test an interviewees reaction, is to ask random nonsensical questions like, “If you were a dinosaur, what sort would you be?”. Despite the unusual nature of these questions they do generate significant information for employers about possible candidates. How does the candidate react to adversity? How do they answer difficult questions? How professional can they remain when thrown a question they can’t answer?

These random questions give an insight into the candidate’s personality and resilience. They can crack open a candidate with too many rehearsed answers.

The take home message is this: develop an understanding of how you deal with adversity and prepare a method to deal with unanswerable questions.

How do I make my employees happier?

 A recent Australasian business survey found 16% of workers ‘hate’ their jobs and up to 62% are ambivalent and unhappy in their current job. How as employers and managers can we help to improve job satisfaction? A few quick tips from Positive Psychology research: 1. Losada Ratio – workplace performance improves significantly when positive interactions […] Continue reading →