Corporate services

Careerology offers services to organisations and businesses for their employees. Major clients for our corporate services have included Air New Zealand, Atlantis Health Care, Jasmax Architecture and Law firms Minter Ellison Rudd Watts, Glaister Ennor, and Meredith Connell.

1. Outplacement and transition assistance associated with staff redundancy or severance
Our outplacement services and employee career transition programs provide personalised support and guidance for employees who have recently been made redundant and/or who need assistance in making a career transition. We will provide your employee(s) with professional, independent advice and and up-to-date information on the current job market. We will advise them on how to best position themselves in the market, identify suitable job opportunities and present themselves effectively to employers. We also assist employees with developing/updating CV’s, cover letters and/or job interview skills.

Our outplacement service will help your organisation:
– Ease the distress and trauma caused by redundancy
– Recognise the contributions of redundant employees
– Maintain a professional company image and reputation
– Maintain the morale of existing employees; and
– Reduce the risk of legal action by helping redundant employees move forward.

2. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
Employees may be referred by management or H.R. for assistance in managing workplace stress, anxiety or depression.

3. Employee Personality Type assessments for Coaching
Employee Personality Type assessment using the MBTI® provides an objective measure of employees’ preferences, behaviors and an insight into their thought and behavioral processes. It is used to identify methods for an employee to improve work relationships and performance. Assessment, feedback and coaching take 2 one-hour sessions and often followed by several coaching 30-60 min sessions. Additional charges for MBTI materials and reports (approximately $92) (Note: the MBTI® is not a recruitment/selection tool).

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