Crafting your own career

The boundaryless career is described as being “one of independence from, rather than dependence on, traditional organisational career arrangements involving opportunities that go beyond any single employer”. It highlights the modern concept of people drifting away from traditional roles and jobs to find satisfaction in such things as writing, crafts, arts even some types of small business.

Many people are now creating and crafting their own careers. Attitudes are changing and life spans are increasing.

A publication from the Equal Employment Opportunities trust, Workplace age and gender: trends and implications, states that 21 per cent of workers will be over the age of 55 by 2012. In the 15 years from 1991 to 2006, the age groups showing the greatest increase were the over-50s. The number of people in paid work aged between 60 and 69 has doubled and there has been a significant decline of those in the 20-34 age group.

Source: NZ Herald

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