Career assessments are often helpful in assisting you to explore your career personality, possible career options, and understand the personal and external factors that may help or may be hindering you.

There are a number of online, booklet and card assessment tools available. Your consultant can advise which assessment(s) may be most useful to you in your circumstances. As the interpretation of the assessment is the most critical aspect of the process, the consultant will then explain the results in detail and discuss the implications for your career development.

Assessment tools:

Preliminary Career Questionnaire (Password req.)
Career Motivators Survey (Password req.)
Career Anchor Assessment (Free download)
Career Clusters Inventory (Free download)
• Job Stress Survey™
• Knowdell Skills Assessment
• Life-balance Assessment
• Life-values Inventory
Managerial suitability indicator (Password req.)
• OASIS-3 Occupational Aptitude Survey
Myers-Briggs Personality Type Assessment (Password req.)
OSI-R™ Occupational Stress Inventory (Password req.)
• Personality Style and Attributes Assessment
R-S Resilience scale (Password req.)
• SDS-R™
• The Career Matrix Decision-Making Tool
VIA™ Character Strengths Assessment (link to free assessment)
• Work-values Assessment