Left school don’t know what to do?

Did you finish secondary school last year and are quite confused about what you are going to do for the rest of your working life? Many recent school-leavers answer “yes” to this question because they are indeed perplexed about their future. If you too have come to this situation, it means it is time to identify your goals in life.

Career development is essentially shaping or molding your career to fit in with your life values and purpose. It may mean upskilling or making changes that help you build your career. Career development is actually a constant, lifetime procedure to help you discover and accomplish more in your life.

Talking about career development is not as easy as it may seem. It requires deep thought about yourself including your educational background, your personal likings, and hobbies etc. Many times, it is observed that what you study throughout your life does not become your career option; instead your extra-curricular activities like dancing, poetry or some sports become your career choice.

There are various career development seminars (for example Skillpath seminars)or one-on-one coaches available to you in New Zealand that can guide you to choose the most suitable career option. The guidance is provided by knowledgeable and experienced professionals who will coach you to understand yourself better and use certain tests to give you a solid picture of who you are and could be.

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