Using A Career Aptitude Test To Shape Your Future

The career aptitude test (also termed ‘career-building assessment’) is a good tool for you to take advantage of when you are trying to figure out which direction you want your life to go in . Trying to decide what career you want for yourself can be a very daunting task. With so many possible roads to go down, how do you find your path in life? Taking one of these assessments is a good starting point to find what what type of occupation would be good for your personality type.

The first step in finding a occupation that is a good fit for you is finding out where your interests lie. Having a occupation that is centered around your interests makes going to work much more enjoyable. In the end, if your work is enjoyable it makes your whole life that much better. Succeeding in a job requires the ability to do the job and tasks that are interesting to you to generate the passion to do it well.

When you take a career aptitude test it is going to assess your preferences for activities in several different areas. These areas include preference for artistic tasks, mechanical tasks, analytical tasks etc. Their are various questions where you rate how true they relate to you. Their also questions asking you what type of occupations sound interesting to you. Finally, some questions ask you to analyse yourself and say what type of adjectives describe you best.

There are several places you can take your career aptitude test. Many websites are dedicated to assessments of all sorts and some do career testing in particular. Be careful with taking these assessments on these websites. Most of those tests are more for fun than actual career building tools. Also be aware that some sites will allow you to take the test but then ask you to pay for the results at the end. As mentioned before, these assessments are a starting point to help you find a career direction – because their are many other things in life that influence your choice of work (such as your personal values, work experience, family expectations etc) it is important to discuss the test results with a Career Practitioner.

The Career Practitioner would further assess your life values and the external influences in your situation then assist you to refine your occupational decision and suggest other occupations or alternatives that might suit your circumstances better than a test score can.

Another use for these types of assessments is to see what type of skills you will need to develop for your career. If you already have a career path in mind, you can see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You can see what you need to work on in building yourself up to do your best at your chosen career path.

Whatever your reasoning, these types of assessments are a good tool in helping you to find your way in the working world. They are easily accessible through a Career counsellor and only take about 30 minutes to complete. So why not take advantage of one of assessments to help you figure out what occupation might be suitable for for you?

Are you interested in taking a career aptitude test? There are some free downloads here that you can do yourself. Careerology’s career consultant service utilize these assessments (as well as others) to help you create purpose-driven career options. Book an appointment and we would be happy to assist you with finding a career to love!

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